Monday, March 29, 2010

Things I Hate That Everyone Else Loves (And Vice Versa)

Things I just don't get that everyone else loves:

*those stretchy headband things that everyone wears with pony tails- they won't stay on my head!
*Twilight movies (the books were good, but I wasn't ga-ga over them either)
*Harry Potter movies
*Science fiction anything
*Cadbury eggs (caramel ones are a different story)
*black licorice
*The Office (actually don't hate it... just have never seen it)
*SYTYCD, Dancing with the Stars, American Idol, Surviver, et al (never watch them)
*(the idea of a) Kindle- I love physically holding a book, thumbing through, looking back, reading the summary, gazing at the author's photo...
*flats/ballet slippers (either too big or too small, make my feet sweaty/slippery)
*Disney anything
*licensed character anything
*anything that has to do with mailing packages or the post office
*shaving (still haven't done it since Christmas...)
*Pancake Sunday (meh. I'm over it.)
*Soda, especially diet
*participating in any kind of activity that involves going down a hill at a fast speed.

Things I love that everyone else hates usually doesn't love:

*Oprah (I do. I really, really love Oprah.)
*Vegetables (well, at least everyone in this household hates them)
*being pregnant (loved)
*breastfeeding (swoon) (I seriously LOVED it) (even with twins!)
*wearing hats
*folding laundry (not putting it away though)
*late summer bedtimes for the kids (exhausting at times, but that extra family time every evening is wonderful)
*any kind of spice or flavor to my food (again, pertains to my housemates only)
*melty ice cream (I mentioned this once and couldn't believe how many folks DESPISE melty ice cream.)
*driving on I-90 from here to the Black Hills (not much to see, sure, but familiar and comforting to me)
*Melissa Gilbert's biography


Jess said...

I hope hope hope to love pregnancy and breastfeeding someday. The fact that you did (and with twins!) gives me hope.

clueless but hopeful mama said...

Hahaha! Ditto to most of the above (though I love me some American Idol).

(Makes me want to get Melissa Gilbert's autobiography! BADLY. Please tell me there's lots of Little House dirt?!?! But that none of it makes me think less of Michael Landon because my heart couldn't take it.)

Marie Green said...

Jess- I hope you do too!

CBHM- Some little house dirt, but nothing bad about Michael Landon. She idolized him (she admits this). LOTS of dirt about her personal life. I was most intrigued about her SIX YEARS with Rob Lowe. (He still makes me swoon!)

bluedaisy said...

Hello- visiting from Swistle but have seen your comments on other blogs too :)
OMG, those headband things! I really WANT them to work for me but have the same problem as you- they don't stay on! Also, I went thru a not-liking-Oprah phase but now I love her again. And agreed with the folding laundry...if only someone would put it away for me!

Marie Green said...

bluedaisy- WTH? Do we have funny shaped heads or is there a secret to the stretchy headbands that we are missing?

Lawyerish said...

Ohmygosh, we have SO much in common! Those headband things do not stay on my head, either (I have a freakishly small pea-head), and I LOATHE black licorice and Peeps and ballet flats (oh the irony, since I was a DANCER and all, but I need arch support!).

And who doesn't like melty ice cream? It's delightful!

Seester said...

I love breastfeeding too