Saturday, March 6, 2010

First shot

Yesterday, David took the day off, we headed to the city (known in these parts as The Cities) to shop for a new camera.

My requirements were as follows: DSLR, detachable flash, and can we get a cute camera bag too?

Luckily for me, my husband is a goddamn rock star in these types of missions, as he's able to read reviews without glossing over, look at features without clicking over to cute camera straps, and basically puzzle out the details when deciding WHICH ONE in a case like this.

I, on the other hand, get overwhelmed instantly and make an emotional decision based on zero facts.

We already had strong leaning towards Canon, since we know several local Canon owners and could potentially borrow lenses etc to test drive before buying.

To us, Canon versus Nikon was basically Coke versus Pepsi, so. We were going with the local peeps.

After talking with the Camera Store Guy, holding models, asking questions, leaving to eat lunch and think, we returned and purchased a camera right there at the store. Online deals were within $50, and buying at the store means we (both of us) get to take a couple of classes for free.

Plus, sometimes, it just feels good not to give Amazon all of our money, ya know?

So, we have a new camera*. And I've got a lot to learn.

In this shot, I was playing with flash**- David has an old detachable one that works with the new camera! I didn't edit this at all, and I know it's waaaay too washed out. But, I love how crisp and clear and clean everything is.

*For those interested in the details: we thought we were going to buy the Canon Rebel XSi, but in the end, we got the Canon Rebel XS. It was on clearance, so we were able to buy the camera and two lenses for the same cost as buying the XSi and only one lens. And even though the XS is being discontinued, it doesn't mean anything to us: all of the Canon lenses, flashes, etc will still work on it. So basically, we got a great deal, and we can feel ok about upgrading once we know what the hell we're doing.

**We didn't end up buying a flash yet. I'll play with David's old one until we find one we want to buy.

We didn't buy a camera bag yet either. So, hit me up with your favorite bags!


Trish said...

CONGRATULATIONS on your exciting purchase! That is so awesome! I love your 'first shot' ;) The girls are so pretty but your camera really captures them as you said, so crisp and clear. Can't wait to see how much fun you have with your new camera! Sounds like you got a fantastic deal too - yay for your hubby's mad reviewing skills!

Oh I have two camera bags by Lowepro. Not necessarily the CUTEST but definitely PRACTICAL with the pockets, room for extra lenses, pockets for extra SD cards, etc. I got a really cute camera strap on Etsy - this is just one site -[]=tags&includes[]=title


Jess said...

Yay! Fun! We have a Nikon D90 and we looooooove it. It's so nice to have a DSLR! You're going to have so much fun with it!

Swistle said...

I love that photo and don't think it looks washed out, and look how they all have the same yeyes!

Swistle said...

Or "eyes," whatever.

Kelsey said...

So excited for you - and for those of us who'll get to see your pictures! :-)

I'm trying to convince Matt that I could learn how to use a real camera and as a trade off for the expensive purchase we could stop dropping insane amounts of cash at the portrait studio...

The girls all look so grown up - what is happening?!

Erin said...

OH MAN. I am SO excited about your new camera. SO EXCITED. Can we PLEASE get together just to chat and hang out and take awesome candid shots of our children? I am not kidding. We have warmer weather here. COME! There's NO SNOW on the ground!

I can hook you up with all my fav Photoshop Elements moves. I've got some MOVES, sista.

Oh, and Aperture priority is what you want to work in. That's my favorite camera mode.