Monday, March 29, 2010

Out Like a Lamb

At the beginning of March, we still had several feet of snow, the girls were wearing full winter gear to school every day (parkas, snow pants, winter boots, hats, and mittens), and it seemed as if warmer days may never EVER be reality. (See here, for example.)

Now, only a few weeks later, all of our snow is gone. Snow gear is put away. Light jackets or fleeces have replaced the winter gear. They wear shoes to school instead of boots.

The forecast this week calls for several (did you see that? S-E-V-E-R-A-L) days of 70 degrees.

We are planning a cook out.

We are riding bikes every day.

We are playing outside- sans coats!- with friends frequently.

The (formerly dreaded, but now not so bad) trampoline has been reassembled for the season and is in daily use. And you know, there are several ways to utilize a trampoline:

Signs of Easter are everywhere. For example, look at my secret stash, and you'll see jelly beans. (Sweet tart are my favorite.) And Cadbury Eggs (mini caramal, all the way). Also on Saturday, we participated in our first egg hunt.

A couple of our daughters even transformed into Easter-bunny-esque type creatures.

For a month that started out so very much like WINTER, I dare say it is spring.

Right now, the girls and I are walking to our elementary school for a book fair, and I'm contemplating how to dress. I'm afraid I'll be too hot in a fleece but not warm enough without it.

It's a seasonal hazard, I suppose, this never quite knowing how to dress.

...But we'll take it!


Jess said...

Yay! Spring! And adorable children! And cooking out! Eeeee.

KS said...

The B&W shot is a KILLER! What a fantastic photo (I meant to mention this before on FB).

So how does this work with snowpants and boots at school? Is there a special storage room in MN schools where the kids get to undress and store all the winter gear? Understand, we put those things on only when going skiing, and it is quite an ordeal to get dressed and undressed from those. I can't imagine doing that at school...

Happy spring!

Marie Green said...

KS- they are required to wear snow pants and snow boots all winter (along with proper coats, hats, and mittens). I think each kid has a hook in the hallway by their classroom, and they just hang everything on the hooks. They must just allow a few extra minutes before/after recess to get dressed/undressed. After doing it every day, the kids get good at it.

But yes, though we get used to it, it sure is easier to slip on shoes and a fleece instead of doing the whole Winter Gear Dressing!