Saturday, July 10, 2010

Time Alone

*Reading The Girl Who Played With Fire
*Visiting a new local winery with friends
*Taking a phone call from my sister instead of sleeping in
*Running away- for the day- with Tea
*Eating fish tacos, outside, near waterfalls
*Watching a storm roll in... and leave again just as quickly
*Spending birthday money from my dad on camera stuff
*Finding some fun, cute things on clearance on Target
*Trying "salt-ice cream" for the first time. And dying. OBVS.
*Sleeping with the tv on, so as not to hear little noises and scare myself
*Marveling at the only messes that are being made are MINE
*Walking on a wooded path and smoking (a few) cigarettes with a friend... and feeling bad
*Contemplating entering a photo (or a few) to the Tiny Town County Fair
*Turning lights on before dark so that after dark I don't scare myself
*Watching the cats pace the house, looking for the girls
*Hoping to sleep in tomorrow (hint, hint, Seester)

[David took the girls camping this weekend (he and his sister take all the nieces/nephews every summer), so I've been on my own... and loving it, of course.]


Swistle said...

This sounds soooooo wonnnnnnnderful!!

Seester said...

I actually do feel sorta bad about that. How was I to know it was your one sleep in day? Besides I was still drunk and we had a good conversation. Ok, talked myself out of it.. don't feel bad anymore.

Kelsey said...

Hmmmm... can they take my husband and kids next year? Sounds wonderful!