Monday, August 6, 2007

Can We Just Change The Name?

I've just completed week 1 of the C25K program, and I've told a few people about it. The thing is, the more I say the name "Couch to 5K", the more it chafes me. I mean, I'm not a runner by any stretch of the imagination (yet!) (ok, you can stop laughing now), but I'm certainly no couch potato.

With three children under age 5 in my household, I'm hardly vegging on the sofa much. (I wish!) I do sometimes take a nap while the twins are "resting" (read: watching a movie) and the baby is sleeping. BUT, the rest of the day we're busy. All day.

So let's change the name! Like, "Standing hours each day washing dishes to 5K." Or "Chasing around a baby and keeping her from putting small objects in her mouth while also reffing one ever loving fight after another from the big kids to 5K." Or simply, "I don't have any bleeping time to exercise because I'm a mom to 5K". (Or, "I'm going to stop blogging so much to 5K".)

I know the program probably does attract some honest-to-goodness couch potatoes, but you guys! That's not us. Every one that I know of that is doing the program along side of me are all moms. (Ahem, and bloggers. So I guess I should say "know" since I don't actually KNOW any of you. Or do I? How do we refer to our "friends" out in blogland? This has come up a little lately. Like, I'll be saying "I'm starting a running program with... um... some people I know." Because I don't want to admit the people I know are people on line. Because that just seems all nerdy, Everquesty, never see the light of day-ish. It seems all, I met the love of my life in a chat room and we're meeting in Vegas to get married- ish. Ya know?)

Anyway, where was I? Yeah, all moms. The idea that Moms can be Lazy.... haaaa haaaaa haaaaaa haaaaaa... *gaaaaaasssssssspppppp* It's more like most of us don't have 30 seconds of personal time a day, aside from showering and brushing our teeth. I mean, there are days where the most loving thing I do for myself is my nightly face-washing ritual. And sometimes, I'm so tired after keeping everyone else's bodies and clothes and rooms and dishes and you know, EVERYTHING ELSE, clean, that I don't even have the energy to wash my own face.

But! I am making time for running. And that's what's so good about doing a program like this. I have accountability through all of you, and so I have to make time.

And! David is now joining the ranks of mommy-bloggers-gone-running! We tried a workout together this weekend, at a track so the kids could hang out while we jogged. When it came time to run, he took off, leaving me gasping and crawling along. It had to have been comical to watch. I jogged about 8 feet while he did, like, 38 laps in 60 seconds. I don't care that he's faster. He doesn't have the aunties (uncles?). He is wiry and slender. Besides, I can walk faster than he can. It's true! Anyway, I am excited that he's joining the program, even though we can't usually exercise together, with the kids and all. (You know, Child Protection, and trying to avoid a visit from them- for leaving the kids home alone.)

PS. Are you still reading this? Good grief, will I ever shut up? Just wanted to add: We're doing the program while listening to pod casts by Robert Ulrey. I really like it, because I don't have to watch the time. Though I still do. Just to see how many more seconds of pain and panting I have to endure. Plus, his calm, calm voice is ever-so-slightly annoying (and also too calm), so I can be mad at HIM for all this running crap.


Feener said...

you go girl, both with running and the nice long post

i agree that mom's are not lazy. i liked the part about the twins doing the movie ! ain't it the truth to get a rest for ourselves

Erin said...

This is hilarious. Yes, I like the Blogging To 5k option. But that doesn't mean we have to spend less time blogging, does it? Because what fun would THAT be.

Swistle said...

I just call it "the running program," and give the name only if pressed. But I don't know WHAT to say about how I'm doing it with online friends. It makes me feel like I go to Star Trek conventions. Not that there's anything wrong with Star Trek conventions or the people who attend them.

Katie said...

I think it should be renamed "One more thing to do in my already too busy day, aren't I such a super woman?"

Katie said...

Oh, also: My pregnant friend (with her first baby) said to a group of stay-at-home-moms, "I can't wait to have this baby so I can quit my job and just sit around on my butt all day." There was almost a lynching.

Moms are NOT lazy. You are right there.