Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Lead Crutch

So all this talk of lead paint and toy recalls brought back this memory:
When Kate and Joan were in the thick of the terrible 3's (worse than 2's by far), their behavior became so awful that David and I did not know what to do. We were working our little parenting hearts out, trying to be patient, kind, good parents, only to be met with rudeness, screaming, flailing, and gnashing of teeth.
My parenting libido was sagging badly. I often looked at these children with complete awe. Who were these monsters? How is it possible that these screeching banshees were MY children. The icing on the cake was when I watched a home movie of them at age 2. They were so cute and sweet and pink cheeked. It felt like a punch in the gut- seeing how those cherub hairless two-year-olds had transformed. (Into nearly-as-hairless and not at all sweet or pink cheeked three-year-olds.)

See? Hairless. Not even enough for a barrette.

This is when I came up with my new theory: My kids must have lead poisoning. Yep. Had to be. After all, we had just moved to a new (old) house. We knew that certainly, at some point in its lifetime, lead paint was used. So that was that. My kids were the way they were (read: more disturbingly screamy than one can imagine) because of LEAD, not because of my parenting.

So as it turns out, brattiness is not a symptom of lead poisoning. Har, har, har. Rookie mistake. (Why then, last night when Marin refused to sleep: fussed, tossed, turned, and used her head as a cranial wrecking ball, did I contemplate it- maybe she can't sleep because she has lead poisoning...) (But hey, silver lining- when we go to SD on Friday her sleeping schedule won't get messed up... because she DOESN'T HAVE ONE.)


The spacing is still all wacky whenever I add pictures. Your advise to solve this problem the last time I asked was much to HTML-y for my... abilities. So. The spacing will continue to be screwy. (For example, there should be a space between the first 2 paragraphs- "My parenting libido..." is a new paragraph. But no. matter. what. I. do. it won't post that way. Not to mention that everything is single spaced, when I didn't even know that was an option. I give up.)


OMG. We leave for SD on Friday, as in two days from now. But never fear, the laundry is done, the bags are packed, the paper has been stopped, and we are ready to hit the road. This is why I have PLENTY of free time for blogging.

Oh, wait. I haven't done a Single Thing to get ready to leave. That was funny though- us being all packed 2 days early. I know David will crack up, too, when he sees how much I have not yet done. So! Funny!


Feener said...

oh PLEASE do not tell me 3 is worse than 2...please

Tessie said...

AD is bald as a jaybird too and it's breaking my wee little heart. I have one of those cute ribbons for storing hairbows all tacked up on the wall, and it's just hanging there...mocking me.

Anne said...

Hairless, love it. I was just commenting to the hband tonight that the girl looks like she has bangs, but we've never cut them -- that's just how short her hair is in front!! Ah, the baby mullet. Good luck packing -- I just did my two weeks, and I have sworn off backpacks, ziplocs, and goldfish crackers for at least a month....:)

Marie Green said...

feener- sorry, it's true. 2yr olds throw fits, yes, but they don't quite push bottons liek 3yr olds. They are more innocent and frustrated in nature, not calculated. But 4 is great!

Anne- that's what a love about your girl- she's all business in front, party in back. Packing... still avoiding it. Thus, this comment...

Brillig said...

Awww, I love their little hairlessness. My only daughter was bald until she was, like, two. But my boys? All three of them had PLENTY of hair. So unfair...

And I love your "silver lining"--hahahaha.

Katie said...

You can TOTALLY get a barrette in the hair!! They are adorable!