Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Here's a list of things I do NOT want to talk about today: C25K, face-throbbing headaches that border on migraines and keep me awake from 2-5am (even though I have zero sinus congestion- how is this possible?), how utterly messy and out of control my life and house are, and how far behind in work related paperwork, phone calls, and visits I am.

Instead, tell me that this isn't weird: My baby is getting her top two pointy eye teeth. The K-9's or whatever they are called. She only has 2 other teeth- the bottom middle two. She looks like a little vampy baby. I have never heard of a child getting the pointy teeth before the other middle four. If she starts hankerin' for blood, I'll be really worried. Luckily the teeth are only visible to my mommy probing eyes and fingers.

Also, I keep forgetting to get a good picture of my Never Crabby girl. I have plenty of pictures of her in her shirt, but you can't actually see what her shirt says.

Here she is hanging out with her cousins and sisters at family camp.


Feener said...

gotta see a photo of those teeth !! i just found out that my husband and his dad, sister and all sis's kids never got their eye teeth ??? sass has her's as she went to the dentist, i will be on the lookout for frass's eyeteeth

Swistle said...

I have a thing for those teeth: my best friend has exceptionally prominent eyeteeth (I THINK they're "eyeteeth," but actually I don't know), and I credit them for our initial friendliness.

I'll link to these crabby pics!

Okay, we won't talk about C25K. There, there. It's all over now.

Black Sheeped said...

Look at all those happy kids! It reminds me of similar family photos we have of my brother and sister with all our cousins, after running around like idiots for hours in the hot July sun. Those summers were the best. Family camp sounds awesome.

Brillig said...

Okay, that baby is so stinkin' cute...