Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Little Turkey

So remember how Marin is up A TON at night lately [Read just about any of July's posts]? And remember how calm I was about it? And did I mention how nice to her I am? All the time? Day OR night?

And I have mentioned that she has basically spent the last 10 months nursing every two hours, around the clock? As is it clear how patient I am with her, how much I've let her lead the way with when and where she nurses?

Because all of those things are true. I've really enjoyed her babyhood; I've been nuturing and kind to her every second of her life, even when I was dead tired. Becasue she's a BABY and BABIES have needs. And I'm fine with that. This is how it should be.


When David gets home from work, Marin is excited to see him. She reaches for him. I hand her over. She grins. I grin. David grins. Then David says, "Here, take her for a minute. I want to [insert whatever here: change clothes, wash hands, check email, label socks etc]" So I take her back. And she SCREAMS. She goes into her "I'm not going to breathe" cry, where her lips turn blue and everything. Confused, I hand her back to David. She INSTANTLY stops crying, takes a few ragged gulps of air, and stares at me. Evil crazy woman, taking me from my daddy, the love of my life. HOW DARE YOU????

Truthfully, I think this is funny and cute. Suprisingly, I'm not jealous, just amused. AND it makes the whole night weaning thing easier. OK, you love Daddy so much- love him in the middle of the night. See how much milk HE has for you. A-HAAAHAAAHAAA!


Swistle said...

Children are little ingrates. It's why they emit Cuteness Rays, so we can't help but love them.

Feener said...

ahh, my 10 month old is nursing as well and she lunges for daddy as well, when he gets home the SAME thing occurs !!!

Jennifer aka Binky Bitch said...

I have two little turkeys, too. Not fair. It would be nice to be the coveted one. And NOT just for my milky goodness.

Erin said...

You handle that better than I do! My 1.5 year old has a FIT when Daddy so much as goes out to get the mail. When I leave the house, he's all "bye bye! bye bye mommy!" No tears, no heartbreak, no toddler angst. Just a teesy bit of clinging wouldn't KILL him, would it? Sheesh.

Katie said...

The part that makes me most annoyed is the thing about how the dad says "take her while I do _____." Just how do they think we do _____ all day? We don't have anyone to hand the baby to.

Okay. Rant over. It sounds like I have a personal problem! :)

I'm glad that you aren't jealous and I'm so glad that Marin is bonded with her dad. That is wonderful!