Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Blanket Party

Sometimes when we "vacation" in the Black Hill, we do lots of tourist-y things, along with trying to divide our time between all of my family that lives here. This trip, however, has turned out to be about 5 parts lounging, 1 part tourist-ing. And all-parts family-time.

Many, many hours were spent on this blanket, just lounging and being together. It was lovely, actually.

On our way here, having a "picnic" for dinner at a scenic overlook of the Missouri River. (The nice man that offered to take our photo, though, did not get any of the river in the picture.)

My mom's backyard, where my sister and I spread out a blanket and settled in with our new bookstore conquests. Soon the party grew, more blankets were added, and nearly everyone we knew joined us for at least part of the afternoon.

Leah set up a corner of the blanket as her kitchen, where she served us plastic food for hours. The big girls did puzzle after puzzle with my sister.

David joined us, with his computer, natch.

My mom's couch pillows even made an appearance (shhhh!), and Joan made herself comfortable for a little rest.

We even napped after a long, beautiful hike with my dad.

I am so proud of Kate's and Joan's mad reading skillz, and it was even cooler to see them get to read to various family members. Here Joan is keeping my sister entertained with a book.

Today we are heading home, and it will be so nice to settle into a normal routine. We are returning rested and happy and filled up with so much quality time together and with my family. We may not see them much, but we make up for lost time when we are together!


Anonymous said...

You are such a beautiful family!

Astarte said...

It sounds like that blanket has seen a lot of fun this summer!

Kelsey said...

LOVE this. We have made our first forays into picnicking this summer, using an old queen sized quilt as our "blanket." I hope it sees as many happy family times as yours has.