Saturday, August 8, 2009

Simple Things: Summer


~ Cutting flowers to enjoy indoors.

~Thrifted blankets and table cloths.

~Eating outside for most meals.

~ Learning how to freeze our fresh foods for use this winter. (So far: strawberries, broccoli, and pesto).

~ Watching the kids dance to music they love.

~ Dirty children. And getting them clean again.

~ Evening walks.
~Squealing, jumping, laughing children as they try (and usually succeed) to catch fireflies.

~ Composting. Surprisingly very satisfying.

~ Growing food, even if it's just a mini-mini-mini container garden of basil, mint, and cherry tomatoes.

~ Painting old furniture to make it "new" and "ours".

~ Open windows.

~ Making bread and pizza dough out of habit.

~ Spending the morning in the woods with friends.

~ Garage sales.

~ Reading some of the same books that I loved as a child with my own children, only now they are reading to me.

~ Making my own "Life List".

~ Morning routine of watering plants and flowers. Usually in p.j.'s.

~ Thinking about the kinds of things I want to learn to sew. (So far: blankets, sundresses, skirts, curtains, and pillows/chair cushions.)

~ Holding smooshy babies and becoming more clear in my heart and mind about Possible Future Fourth Green Baby.

~ Sun tea.
What did I miss?


Anonymous said...

A fabulous list!

Kate said...

I've been feeling very overwhelmed lately with summer and the constant running and doing and going and I've been looking forward to its end. This is such a great reminder of all the beautiful things this season holds. Thanks!

Beautiful Neighbor said...

Love this.

Katie said...

Oh man. I LOVE summer. Just love it. Especially now that I have kids. In fact, I feel this dread and doom feeling about fall and winter coming I'll be going into a dark tunnel. I am trying to soak up all the summer I can! Great photos!

Erin said...

That second to last one?

The photos are so beautiful. I want to come visit.