Monday, August 17, 2009

Lake Has Many Purposes

We are in Rapid City for the second time this summer, this time to celebrate my nephew's baptism and a couple of birthdays. As a bonus, there were many of our extended family members who also traveled here for the baptism. Lots of birds, one stone ETC.

Here is everyone, headed for the beach for the "Lake Baptism". (Dear concerned citizens: this was not a baptism by immersion; the babe just got his hair a bit wet in the name of God.) :

(The sky! It was even more beautiful in person!)

The pastor, sponsors, parents, and nephew in the water, at the start of the ceremony:

The sweet star of the day, eager to get wet:
(This photo is a bit out of order, and it won't move. Blogger is nearly as stubborn as my firstborn!)

Watching, and getting their feet wet so as not to be left out:

It was a beautiful day, beautiful setting, and a fun way to see so many people we adore:

We are now "vacationing" in the true sense of the word. No real plans, no schedule to follow, lots of time just lounging together. There is still a bit of tension about who we are spending time with, seeing as how I now come from a broken home and all. But we try to tune that out, and divide our time equally between my mom and dad.

David and I are on our way out the door- without children!- to have lunch with my sister. Later we'll do some hiking, or thrifting, or just lounging around. And we'll let the rest of the world melt away, for now. Because we are on vacation!

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sitting on the mood swing at the playground said...

Enjoy your time with everyone...and your alone time! How nice that the baptism was at a lake. I miss those South Dakota views.