Saturday, August 22, 2009

Copied Straight From (My) Facebook

1. I am so proud of how well my kids travel in the car. Except for when they randomly puke.

2. I just discovered that I like kohlrabi, with all the alien-tentacle-thingies peeled off, natch.

3. I like eating Ovaltine on vanilla ice cream. True story.

4. I need new glasses.

5. I dreamt that Michael Jackson died, and wrote about it, a month before he actually died.

6. I often leave laundry in the washing machine over night. As long as I switch it in the morning, it's always been fine. Do you do this too?

7. Kate and Joan are such good sleepers that I routinely wait until they are asleep and then go into their room, turn on the closet light, and pack their clothes for trips. They've NEVER waken up.

8. However, if I try to sneak downstairs for a cup of coffee ALONE in the morning, no matter how quiet I am, their eyes POP open and they come bouncing out.

9. So therefore, I spend most mornings lying in bed, needing to pee, but not wanting to wake them and start the day.

10. I take a big-ass dose of iron every day because I am anemic. I play the anemia card as often as possible.

11. So be nice to me. Because I'm anemic.

12. I'm trying to think of a name for my compost pile. I sincerely enjoy "feeding" her every day.

13. I am excellent about remembering to take photos, but HORRIBLE about printing them off.

14. My favorite glass to drink out of is a jelly jar.

15. I've recently learned how to make cheese. If you come over, I'll show you too. I'm teach-y like that.

16. My favorite season is: Sleeping With Windows Open

17. I get excited when I see a bald eagle in the wild. It's happened 3 times in my life; two of which were this summer.

18. I want to grow raspberries.

19. I'm working on a Life List. It's long.

20. My laptop is currently burning my lap. (And I'm anemic.)

21. I have pink and purple hydrangea's blooming in my front yard that are as big as basketballs. I do nothing to maintain them.

22. My youngest's favorite thing to say is JUST KIDDING. Then she falls over, dead, from laughter.

23. She says this apropos of nothing.

24. I've been driving the same vehicle for 7 years. I hope to drive it a couple more, at least. It's paid for.

25. If I don't stop now, David will beat me to bed, and then I'll have to turn off all the lights. Which I hate. I'm not above diving into bed nanoseconds before him to avoid this.


Sunny said...

Ditto on the turning off the lights thng........I HATE having to turn the lights off last- it's like I'm 4 again and the Boogie-Man is going to reach out from under the bed to "get" me as soon as the lights are off....but since I'm a grown-up now and don't believe in the Boogie-Man anymore- it's usually an irrational fear of some huge snake that has gotten into the house undetected and is just waiting for the lights to go out before he strikes whatever unfortunate person is left in the dark on the way to the bed.
I need professional

Swistle said...

I need new glasses, too. Groan. I HATE choosing new glasses. Also hate answering all the "Which is better, A or B?" questions. THEY'RE EQUALLY BAD IN DIFFERENT WAYS.

Yes, frequently leave clothes in washer overnight.

I am so jealous of your anemia, I am considering developing Pretend Anemia. I'll call it "Anemia" for short.

Tess said...

I love kohlrabis too!

And I have left laundry in the washer, um, longer than overnight before.

KS said...

#6--ummm, what happens to the laundry if you don't switch it in the morning? I have this ummm... "friend" who often leaves her laundry in the washer for a couple of days...and acts as if nothing is wrong with that. So I am guessing from your post that it is not OK?

#7 I used to go in, turn on the lights and cut Jon's fingernails when he was asleep. He never ever woke up. Cole is a complete opposite, which is why he constantly scratches everyone (including himself) with those long claws.

#10, 11, 20 I am sorry you are anemic. I have four gaping holes in my mouth.