Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Comparisons, Etc.

Isn't it fun to see how the kids grow? Here's Kate and Joan on the first day of preschool last year:

Here they are this morning, and ENTIRE YEAR later:

They look so much older to me! They are taller, with more of the "big kid" legs. And they have more hair. And their faces look so much less babyish. But hey, the rug is still as ratty as last year, and the patio just as cluttered with acorns, so some things never change!

(Also, Marin was still a fetus last year at this time. A FETUS. Crazy.)

Onto other things:

1) We have ants. Not the tiny "sugar" ants. The big black ones. They are in our kitchen, though we have not determined a food source. We see no sign of them in the basement, which was our original theory. They seem to be coming in around a outlet cover. So! Anyone know anything about ants? I would like to think that since we have a brick house, they could not be doing any structural damage, but David- always one to burst by ignorant bubble of bliss- informs me that our house is WOOD under the brick.

I'm afraid to Google them, because we all know what kinds of frightful news Mr. Google will have for me. Also, to add to the horrid-ness of it all: We've been swatting them with the flyswatter or squishing them with tissues, along with David's more vigorous attempts to exterminate them with poison. But yesterday- and this is the gross part- David squished one with his finger and it was BRIGHT RED BLOOD inside. WTF??? None of the others we've killed have had RED BLOOD. This cannot be good news.

2) I need help with what to feed Marin. She's eleven months, breastfed, and will not eat anything but YoBaby yogurt off of a spoon. This means all baby food is out. Here's a list of what I rotate through her system:

Breakfast: Cheerios or Chex, soaked in milk and strained and put on her tray OR YoBaby fruit and cereal yogurt.

Lunch/Dinner: Varies between- whole-wheat toaster waffles, toast, cheesy bread (wheat bread with shredded cheese on top, toasted in toaster oven); peaches, apples, grapes, or pears (fresh, and skinned/chopped appropriately); cheese- shredded or American; frozen peas or steamed carrots (though she doesn't eat the carrots); sometimes rice or Mac-n-chz

Snacks: Various crackers- graham or fish or saltine, any of the above foods that she hasn't yet consumed that day

In her cup: Water

So! As you can see, she has a very limited menu. She won't eat any meat, and she's at a stage where she's refusing pretty much anything but what I've listed above. Do any of you have any brilliant baby/toddler foods that I can add in here? We eat mostly fresh fruits/veggies and try to keep the processed foods to a minimum, so those Gerber "toddler meals" are not appealing to me. (Though I've tried them, and she refused them too. *Sigh*)

Any help would be appreciated!

(Also, the black-hole that is her high chair is killing me. If I have to reach my hand down in her seat one more time and dig out soggy Cheerios or sloppy wet peaches, or dried out chucks of who-knows-what, I'm going to walk out of this house and never come back. Which reminds me, I wonder if I took my vitamin Z today...)

3) David and I are on Week 4 of the C25K program. It has taken us longer than 4 weeks to get there, with vacation and busy-ness and all. And to be honest, I was dreading Week 4. It's 16- SIXTEEN- whole minutes of running! Holy Shit! But I ponied up and did it last night... and it felt great. I mean, it sucked, but it also felt great. I'm beginning to think that's a theme with running? Anyway, I was already congratulating myself halfway through the workout, because I could just FEEL that I was going to finish it.

So here are some of my concerns about running:
-I am running based on TIME and not on DISTANCE. So I'm worried that at the end of the program, while everyone else *would* be running 3 miles during that allotted time, I'll only be doing, say, 3 blocks. Because I'm not fast, people.

-But this *might* be good, because I've also been worried about what will happen when I'm "done" with the program. Programs are good for me. They keep me accountable and give me a goal. So if I'm running the right amount of time, but not yet making it 3 miles, then that can be my next goal.

-But after I've polished off 3 miles, then what? Will I have the motivation to keep running, without a program to follow? If I fall off the running wagon all together, will I ever start the C25K over again, or will that be soooo "last summer"? Basically, where is all this running and pain and crap leading to?

I'm can see now that I should just take it one week at a time, because there's still plenty of chances to mess this whole thing up...


Anonymous said...

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Marie Green said...

Um, does "Tara" seem suspicious to anyone else? Don't click on the link, I've got to figure out how to delete "Tara"... and maybe add letter varification??

The spammers have found my lil' ol blog! I kinda feel honored...

Black Sheeped said...

Are you ready for a long comment?

Yeah, I had to had the verification for stupid spam like that. You should be able to click on the little trash can under the comment and delete it, if I'm not mistaken.

I know I'm not a mother, and maybe this is a completely asinine question but! I don't know! You mentioned she wouldn't eat meat. If protein's a concern, would she eat legumes of some sort? If she eats peas, maybe she'll eat cooked beans or lentils or something? Again, don't judge me too harshly! I only have pets to feed!

I think with the running, it doesn't matter how slow you go. If you're getting your heart rate up and oxygen flowing on a regular basis, you're doing wonderful things for your heart and lungs and brain. Maybe after you finish the program, you could look into a mini-marathon or something if you feel you need a goal to work toward. I'm sure you could find a similar program for a marathon for a good cause.

Swistle said...

1) They DO look so much older! MUCH older!

2) I remember reading that ants are repelled by peppermint--either plants or the oil.

3) Ants should not have blood in them...should they? WTH? Is it a...VAMPIRE ant?


5) It's always easier for me to be working towards something than to maintain it. It is unfair that that is the case. The human need for struggle, perhaps?

Anonymous said...

I'll be waiting for all the good food suggestions you're going to get b/c we have the same limited menu at our house. Which maybe means we're just SOL?

I can't believe you ran for 16 minutes! Go you!! I couldn't even think about running for 16 minutes.

& your baby girls look so grown up this year. One year made such a huge difference.

Anonymous said...

When it comes to feeding, I am a huge fan of Ellyn Satter. A friend loaned me her book 'Child of Mine'-there is also a good website-www.ellynsatter.com-I can't recommend her highly enough.
Good luck! Leah

Erin said...

AH! The girls are adorable! I love the picture of the sisters with their hair braided (from one of your vacation posts). When I was a kid, I always wished my mom could braid hair like that. But no, we just got pig tails. All the time. Pig tails.

Nice job with the running. When you finish the program, you'll just keep on running! It'll be habit! It'll be easier! You'll just get up and go!

Also, to delete Tara, you have to go into your "edit posts" page when you're signed in. Then click on the comments for that post, and you can delete Tara.

Mommy Brain said...

The photo is so cute - it's great that they're in the same spot so you can actually see how much taller they've gotten.

Other thoughts:

1. Ants - my SIL had a problem with black ants and I sent her to eHow.com (just search for black ants) and it gives a long list of things you can do to get rid of them. Definately seal up that outlet.

2. Food - It sounds like a pretty good menu to me. Just keep introducing new stuff. My kids were vegetarians too (would take a spoonful of chicken noodle soup and spit just the chicken back at me). A few months later I gave them chicken fingers from my plate and they ate my entire dinner. Just keep trying. Have you tried tofu? Also, the book Super Baby Food helped me figure out what to try with "Picky" & "Finicky" when they were one year.

3. You ran for 16 minutes!!! I can't run for 16 seconds. Keep up the great work!

Thanks for all of the great advice on toddler clothes. I think the neighbors would look at me funny if my kids ran around naked all winter. :-)

Chelle said...

Your girls are precious. As for the ant issue, do seal up the outlet. Also, ants won't walk across baby powder so you might sprinkle a little in the areas that you notice the most, um... traffic.

shoeaddict said...

Your girls are beautiful! They are so different looking from last year.
I, too, love the braided hair pic.
I have ants too. I cannot find the source and hate hate ants. I'm going to try the baby powder.