Friday, September 14, 2007

The NEW!!!! Rhythm and Hum of Things

Oh, my. All of your comments about cleaning made me feel so much better! Thank you. And I've commented on most of them. Perhaps I should have done a follow up post? Nah...

Anyway, I've realized that part of my problem lately is that we are in a state of change and transition around here, and I never do well during these times. That old saying about parenting that says as soon as you get used to your kids' routine, they change it? Well, I KNOW this to be true, but I have yet to LEARN it. Or something. Because every time it throws me.

But the twins are transitioning back into the Preschool Routine, the baby is Mobile and Into Things, and I'm still trying to go about our days like I did last month. Silly me. Now that I recognize that a New Routine is in order, the clarity of our Situation is blowing me away.

Plus, it has truly been Fall Weather here in Tiny Town (the high today is 53 degrees!), so it takes longer to do things. We need shoes AND socks to go outside. And coats. And I need to throw sweatshirts into the diaper bag. And find our warmer clothes. I was used to everyone slipping on some flip flops and hopping into the car. But there are more steps now, and now that I've realized this, I've allotted more time to get out the door.

I am so smart!

Also, the Clutter Factor has been messing with my mental health. But not anymore! This morning, I was a MACHINE. I cleaned out 3 baskets/bins of JUNK that have been accumulating stuff since Marin was born. Seriously, I threw several magazines into the recycling from last summer. Throwing/recycling that stuff lifted something off of me that I didn't realize was weighing me down. Now I'm on a roll. Watch out kids! Don't leave your stuff laying around or it will become GARBAGE.

Throwing stuff out feels sooo good!

I'm kind of high!

Also, I took some Excedrin this morning, so I'm probably ACTUALLY HIGH. Have you guys taken that stuff? It gives me a Buzzzzz like no other.

Buzz! From something over the counter! Happy!

So, to summarize: I realized that the kids are going through some changes, so I need to be flexible and develop the NEW BEAT to our days. AND I'm cleaning out the clutter. And things are looking up.

Happy Weekend!


Swistle said...

You know, I'll bet you've nailed it: the reason we're all in funks and having trouble with cleaning is that we're done with summer and we're in a new routine.

Excedrin gives me a high, too. It's the caffeine.

Anonymous said...

Gosh, I apparently have to get me some Excedrin! IB Profen is just not cuttin' it for me anymore.
I feel like part of the reason I may actually be coming out of my funk is due to the fact that Fall is Upon Us here too. A fresh start. A clean slate. There is still hope for me.

Marie Green said...

Swistle- yep, it's the new routines all right. And it must be MORE than just caffeine? Because mochas do not make me THIS happy....

Me today- Love fall. L-O-V-E. You are right- so fresh.

Feener said...

you may have inspired me

Tracy said...

It is amazing the difference one's attitude is when the clutter has been knocked down a few notches. And, it seems to be catching for the rest of the "to do list", and it gets done (well, accept for the laundry, that seems so hard to start and finish, and having to go up and down two flights of stairs to the basement doesn't make it any easier!)

shoeaddict said...

You have completely inspired me to clean and de-clutter everything! I'm going to do that tomorrow as soon as hubs leaves for work.