Tuesday, September 18, 2007


So I read yesterday's post and comments and a couple of things became clear to me:

1) If I ever reach the "straw down, hosing off kids" phase of parenting, I will also probably be severely mentally ill, considering my neurosis with having things Clean(ish).

2) ECFE is the best! It stands for Early Childhood Family Education, and every school district in this state has this program. They offer classes for parents and children ages birth to 5. The classes are held both during the day for the SAHP and in the evening for the working parents. During class, the parents brake away for part of the time for "parent discussions" while the kids stay with some of the other teachers and play. The fees are based on a sliding scale and are usually DIRT CHEAP. I've been going since Joan and Kate were babies, and now that they are in preschool, I take Marin. I puffy pink heart ECFE.


One week from today Marin will be a year old. I am spending the week in mourning, so that I will be ready to celebrate with her next Tuesday.


Also, according to the running program, I am scheduled to meet an untimely death later this week. I am starting week 5, and the third workout this week is 20 minutes of jogging with no breaks. I'll give you a moment to let that sink in. TWENTY FRICKIN' MINUTES. WITHOUT WALKING.

In truth, I have been learning to enjoy running. I mean, I hate it, but I also like it. And during my 5 minute runs (longest to date), I actually forget I'm running (read: almost dying) for parts of the run. I picture my heart and lungs and brain pink and happy like Black Sheeped suggested. But then, just when I think my pal Rob has forgotten me, he slows it back down to walking and the heaven open up and I hear angels singing. I am NOT dead. See? I'm walking now. Phew!

But 20 minutes sounds extreme. Not unlike dying.

So, just in case, I wanted to tell you all that this blogging thing has been fun. And you are all such better writers than I am. And, well, I'll see you on the flip side?


Swistle said...

20 minutes is impossible! It has never been done! Do not attempt it! The human body cannot do it!

Feener said...

You CAN do it, 20 minutes will go by before you know it !! and one day you will laugh at 20 minutes !!

my daughter's bday is sept 29th, she will be one, marin's most be close 26th ? a year - can't believe it.

Erin said...

You can totally do 20 minutes. When you think death is at the next step, just slow down a little. You can DEFINITELY do 20 minutes. And then you can come back and tell us about it! And we'll all say You Are Awesome!

I hear ya on Marin turning one. There's a sense of loss because the baby is no longer a baby. But also a sense of accomplishment because, like running 20 minutes, you made it through Year One, when there were times you thought it couldn't be done.

Do we get one year photos of the girl? Pretty please?

Tessie said...

Hey good luck with the 20 minutes! Definitely looking forward to hearing about it. From your ghost, of course.

el-e-e said...

Your blawg is making me laugh. U R funny.


Black Sheeped said...

Twenty minutes is possible. Hush your mouth, Swistle. Hooray for twenty minutes! I think twenty minutes seems so official and "I'm a runner"-ish. You know?

Katie said...

Ohhhhh! I spent about two or more months in mourning before, during and after Becca's first birthday. I almost want to cry for you right now! Why is that such a hard milestone?

Marie Green said...

Thank you all for telling me I CAN do it. I'm not yet sure, but if you haven't heard from me this time next week then we'll have our answer, won't we.

And really, the encouragement is awesome. But I think I like Swistle's theory best- it can't be done! It's never been done! This cracks me up!

Kate- I get choked up at EVERY birthday, when it comes time to sing. So bittersweet, letting our babies, go, isn't it?

Marie Green said...

feener- "some day you will laugh at 20 minutes". I'm loving that idea. (Like maybe NEXT week, when I have to run MORE than 20 minutes. I don't yet know HOW MUCH more, because I am a chicken and refuse to look. One step at a time, that's my motto.)

Black sheeped- yes, yes it DOES seem runner-ish. I like that!

Mama's Moon said...

Oh, my! I JUST got up to twenty-five minutes of walking - fast. I can't even start imagining taking that up a notch to jogging (five minutes? maybe, a BIG maybe)so a big 'good luck' to you on the twenty!!!

And an early birthday greeting to Marin. Time really flies, eh?

Jess said...

I am already amazed that you got to Week Four! I've been stuck in Week Three for weeks now, with no plans of moving on to Week Four any time soon. That's why I'm thinking of branching out into some of Swistle's pilates DVDs for a change of pace.