Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Let's Compare the Green Children, Shall We?

Some people tell me they look exactly alike, others claim Marin has "her own look". What do you think?




Joan and Kate


Now that I've looked at the preview of this post, I've decided that these pictures need to be BIGGER. But I am lazy. So another day, I'll post some more.


Marin's birthday ended up being really good. I was a tiny bit sad, but since I had given myself the entire week before to prepare, I was also excited. She, of coarse, did not know anything was different. That is, until we gave her a strangely sticky and super sweet cupcake to try. She was like "This sticky stuff! How curious! And they are not even stopping me from running my fingers threw it. Hmmmm. It would be SO much more appealing if they were saying 'no, no!' I guess I don't want it after all."

We had a tiny party for her with just our family last night. This was more for my bouncing labrador twins than anything. We need to hang the birthday sign! And wrap presents! And sing! And make a cake! And frost the cake! Really, it was sweet of them, even though I wasn't planning on doing all of that yesterday.

Um? I have a ONE year old? Really? You guys, I can't believe it. She still seems so much like a baby to me. Her sisters seemed, oh, 26 when they turned 1. They had been walking for months and had already signed up for the Peace Corps. On the other hand, when Marin really is 26 she'll probably still be nursing.


Tessie said...

I have yet to meet one real-life baby who just DIGS RIGHT IN to that first birthday cake. They always seem to be Intensely Suspicious and Disinterested.

Anonymous said...

I'm preparing myself for the first birthday this weekend and for now I'm sort of still in disbelief.

That picture of Marin in the midst of gifts is perfectly adorable!!

Erin said...

That last paragraph is hilarious. And COMPARING BABY PHOTOS is one of my all time most favorite activities!!

Ok, so I think Marin definitely has her own look. You can see lots of family resemblance, but something about the mouth (I wonder if their baby smiles look alike? Joan & Kate aren't smiling in the one photo, and Marin is smiling All Huge, so it's more difficult to tell) is different with Marin. They are all beeeeutiful though.

Swistle said...

In the first three photos, I thought all three girls looked like The Same Baby. In the next two shots, I thought they all had Their Own Look.

ttsc said...

hi, I'm new to your blog. Found you via Swistle, I too live in a small town without any chain places. Your kids are so cute!

Black Sheeped said...

I agree with Swistle, that they all seemed similar to me in the younger photos, but seem to be developing their own looks.