Wednesday, September 19, 2007

She Was Also Found Sitting On Top Of Our Kiddie Picnic Table

This morning, shortly after my big girls left for preschool, I left the room for a brief minute... and then I heard a crash. It was the sound of our step stool tipping over on the ceramic tile floor.

Then nothing.

The Inhalation. It was a long inhalation.

(I have a friend who once, when trying to wipe her daughter's nose, caused her daughter to swing her head back -in protest- and crack it on the wooden chair handle. And she used the inhalation to finish digging out the boogers! When she felt bad about it later, I was like, Sister, anything is fair game when it comes to booger removal.)

Then screaming.

I ran into the kitchen and saw blood first, baby second. I scooped her up and in the same motion grabbed some paper towels. She stopped crying almost immediately. Her lip looked awful but not like she would need plastic surgery or anything. The little monkey must have been trying to stand on the step stool? It was completely turned over.

The bleeding stopped soon. She is fine; sporting a bit of a fat lip, but fine.

And we don't even have pictures scheduled for tomorrow! Impossible!


Tessie said...

ACK! Face cuts are the worst, they always look so gory, even the littlest scratch.

Erin said...

Phew! Glad she's okay. Those suspicious crashes are terrifying.

Is it pathetic that I've checked your blog like, um, okay I won't admit how many times today... to see if you posted. Sorry. Now I have a complex.

Erin said...

Yes, keep checking. Is she okay? Where is today's post? How do I go on with my day without a Swistle post?

A true addict, no doubt. The boys are both sleeping AT THE SAME TIME, and I spent the entire last hour reading, commenting, not-folding-laundry. Beautiful.

Swistle said...

Ha ha ha, I love your friend who used the inhalation--and also how you said anything is fair game when it comes to booger removal! So true. I use tantrums for that: as long as they're crying anyway, I might as well dig a little.

Marie Green said...

Erin- it's ok. I'm a blog addict too.

Swistle- glad to see your comment. Erin and I were worried about you today! =) And I use tantrums for stuff like that too. Boogers, nail clipping, face washing- all can be quickly accomplished while the child is ALREADY crying. (Well, fingernails take a bit longer... but I'd never try to do that when they were in a GOOD mood. Might as well wait until they are pissy since the clipping is going to piss them off more...)

Jess said...

Blood is the worst. I just freak right on out. Everytime. I'm sure this helps the situation tremendously. And good call on the booger removal.

Mommy Brain said...

I get nervous about mouth injuries because I hit my front teeth when I was 3 and it caused all kinds of dental problems for years. So every time my babies fall face first I feel the need to check all of their teeth which upsets them way more than any fall.

LoriD said...

Lucky you... you have a climber. I had a climber and one time I found him sitting in the middle of the kitchen table helping himself to an apple... he wasn't even walking yet! Those lip cuts always seem worse than they are (who knew the lips harboured so much blood?)

Katie said...

Oh! Those long inhalations FREAK ME OUT!

Ours is a climber too. I wanted to punch my best friend who told me that girls just don't climb things. Ummm...yea, right.

Feener said...

yikes, hope she (and you) are doing ok. frass - my one year old in 5 days climbs on EVERYTHING, she DIVES down stairs as I hold her fingers.