Thursday, September 27, 2007


***EDITED TO ADD: I'm finally posting my email address! l i f e i n a t i n y t o w n at g mail dot com. It's over there on the side bar too!

1) Is it fall? Really, is it? Because one day it's hot, and the next it's not, and I just don't know how to dress myself or the kids. If I wear a sweatshirt, I'm hot. If I take if off, I'm cold. I need to know if I should put our turtlenecks and sweater back into rotation. Can I put away the shorts and flip flops? Can I stop shaving my legs every day? (What? It's for WARMTH, not laziness, I assure you.)

2) I seem to have an affliction I like to call Constant and Severe Dehydration Due to Breastfeeding. Do I have any fellow sufferers? I remember with the twins as soon as I would sit down, get all comfy, and start nursing, my mouth would dry out and I'd be stuck in the chair with sandpaper tongue for the rest of the feeding. Unless David was home and could take mercy on me and bring me a drink. And with Marin, I remember in the beginning having the same thing happen. But now? I'm thirsty ALL THE TIME. I'm drinking lots of water. I'm looking forward to weaning for no other reason than NOT being thirsty.

(This reminds me of why I look forward to the end of pregnancy- because then I don't have to pee ALL THE TIME. When I was pregnant with the twins, I remember being at Home Depot and needing to go. The bathroom was so far away [seriously, they should provide shuttles in that place] that by the time I went to the bathroom and walked back to David, I needed to go again. So frustrating!)

3) Doesn't a donut sound good right now? Say, a Bavarian filled long john with chocolate frosting. Just saying.

4) Have I ever told you how I used to have a job teaching people how to pan for gold? It's true. When I was in high school, living in the Black Hills of SD, I had a job at a gold mine. It was an RETIRED gold mine, and one that never produced much gold, but STILL. I gave tours there and taught tourists how to pan for gold. So if you ever want to head West with your burro and bedroll, I'm you gal.

5) Today I plan to dive into cleaning out the kids dressers. They are so crammed with (out grown/out-of-season) clothes that the drawers won't shut all the way. This means I will be a Very Bad Mommy today, because I don't like Interruptions to my Projects. So, do I warn the kids ahead of time, or park them in front of the tv/computer and hope they don't notice?

6) These are 2 other things I NEED to do, and I'm telling you this as a way to hold myself accountable. 1) Mail Hayden's bday present. Her birthday was July 2. See? This need to get done! and 2) Finish my doula paper work.

There! *brushes of hands on thighs* Now I'm motivated. Thanks!


Tessie said...

Oh, long johns. I think that is an upper midwestern term because they do not call them that Here In That One Place.

Also, I am getting SO IRRITATED that it is still not fall that I am sending AD to daycare in jeans ANYWAY. All her summer stuff is too small! ARGG!

Marie Green said...

Tessie- is it EVER fall in Texas? I thought it went Unbearably Hot Summer to More Manageable summer...

Swistle said...

On my way to the nursing recliner, I drink, like, a cup and a half of water. But also big cups with meals, and STILL sometimes PARCHED.

Oooooo, donut. Yes.

Black Sheeped said...

Why is everyone talking about donuts? Why?

We're putting out Halloween stuff this weekend, regardless of non-fall weather.

Jess said...

Tessie painted barns. You mined for GOLD. And you deliver babies. You're a rockstar woman.

And I'm with you on the weather. Good heavens. AC? Heater? Maybe a bit of both in the same day. Freakinfrackin.

Flibberty said...

Well, having no children (yet) I cannot commiserate (I can't spell either) with the pregancy pee or breast feeding dehydration, but yes, a bavarian donut sounds divine!

Erin said...

Oh, I stand at the sink with a pint glass and DOWN water. I also keep a glass in the bathroom and during the night, after I feed Emmett, I always drink a glass of water. I just open my throat, and down it goes. I'm like a champion water chugger.

moosh in indy. said...

Change chocolate to caramel and I'm there.
So there.
With a bottle of water in hand.