Monday, September 17, 2007

Down & Up and Today: Holding Steady; Also, Discussion

And... POOF. Just like that, the momentum I was building on Friday- the sense of digging out, getting somewhere- was g-o-n-e. All it took was Marin not sleeping on Friday night, and our Saturday routine was shot. David and I were both tired and crabby, our chores were looming ahead of us, and everything seemed overwhelming.

But then, we DID get things whipped into shape. And things were better again. And we got to see some great friends from out of town. Sunday was a happy day.

So today, I woke to a newly cleaned house. I got the girls dressed and fed and groomed and off to school smoothly. I made the beds. Things today have been chugging along nicely- and I feel like I CAN do this. Like I AM DOING IT.

So the question remains, why is the state of my house so indicative to the state of my mind?


Here's what we discussed in Marin's ECFE class this morning:

What did you think parenthood would be like before you had kids of your own?

WeeeeHellll..... All of us in the class have 2 or more kids, so we are all out of the "first time parenting" phase, so this was a great topic. Here's our list:

-Our kids would never have boogery noses or messy faces.
-their clothes would always match
- they would nap every day until kindergarten
-they would not be mouthy or bratty
-they would not be dirty
-they would eat vegetables
-they would never watch t.v.
-our houses would always be bright and sunny and clean
-discipline would be easy
(there were more, but this pretty much sums it up)

We would still be there, if there were not time limits on the class. Because OH! MY! did we all have lofty ideas of parenting. It made me realize the two most important lessons in parenting 1) life is messy, therefore kids are messy and 2) we are not in control of much, especially when it comes to our children.

Also, I've come to love the parts of our life that are imperfect. I love my girls' messy hair and the baby's smelly neck. I love how ridiculous the girls look sometimes when they dress themselves. I love it that we take them places dressed this way. I love that I lost so much of my rigidity, that I've earned my stripes as a REAL mom, that I have so much mommy experience under my belt. I even fed my baby french fries for lunch yesterday.

It (almost) helps me get up the momentum to clean the high chair- AGAIN.

Give me a few more years of parenting, and I'll be throwing straw down instead of vacuuming and hosing the kids off with the yard hose instead of bathing. And you know, feeding my newborn cotton candy.


Erin said...

I like your "life is messy, kids are messy" lesson. Because messes are a major battle in parenting, aren't they?

Oh, and feeding the baby cotton candy. Ha ha! (Is there something wrong with that?)

Feener said...

i am in organizational HELL. we are waiting for our basement to be done. all my rooms are a mess and cluttered and it is killing me. i swear i did one clean out of a closet and one drawer and it felt wonderful.

that class you go to sounds so interesting - is it state sponsered ?

Tessie said...

What a great topic! I too love "life is messy, kids are messy".

I thought I would care WAY more about what my kid ate (we totally do the french fries).

Tracy said...

I have the same feeling. When the house is clean I am at peace. I have decided it is because there are so many things I can't control, the house is something I can control (although I do it poorly most times) Where did you find that class?

Marie Green said...

Erin- why? Does Emmette lurve cotton candy? Because I won't judge you if he does!

Feener- Urg. Orgazational Hell over here too, and not good "reason" other than I suck. And yep, ECFE is a state program.

Tessie- remember- french fries DO have potatoes in them!

Tracy- I think about the control thing too. That's definitely part of it. But also, I think messes make my brain feel... messy? fuzzy? I mean, I think it goes just beyond wanting control...

Katie said...

I think my brain is kind of jumbly wumbly most of the time--too much chaos going on up there at all moments. So, when my surroundings are also chaotic it is like I just CANNOT function. That is why I really start to go nuts when things get all cluttery and dirty and I'm tripping on things and there are giant piles on the kitchen counter and I'm in the basement blogging again. DAMMIT. SOMEONE STOP ME....